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Our September “Violet”


After our beloved Golden Retriever Bear’s death in June, we all felt an emptiness…sometimes it called out loudly and sometimes it was almost a memory, an ache, a whisper…

I have never been without a dog during my adult life.  Teddy was our first Golden, the most patient and lovable of dogs…and there followed our other faithful and wonderful companions– Toby, and Brownie, and Jeannie, and Prinny, and then Bear..who together with Prinny eased the pain of Toby’s death… as well as the deaths of my irreplaceable parents.  We cannot imagine life without our dear animals.  They gave so much…and were there through both the happy and difficult times…as were Anne’s dogs dear  Benny and Bullet and Brodie and Becca’s little Smokey.  Each deserves his/her own story someday. Continue Reading »

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